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Cattle are fed the same ration 365 days of the year so the meat produced is consistent all year round.

Comiskey’s vision of drought proofing is to not have to sell breeders or weaners due to the lack of feed or water.

All cattle are kept on the properties and fed.

Without sending cattle to adjustment and not being able to control the food.

About Us

Comiskey Beef Comiskey Beef

Hydroponic growing complex

Barley Growing Process

  1. 750 kg of Barley seeds soaked in water for 2 hrs to soften shell
  2. Water is drained and soft barley seeds are scooped into 190 trays
  3. Trays get placed into racks with automated irrigation and inferred lighting
  4. Seeds sprout with 24hrs
  5. In 3 days sprouts produce a root system
  6. 4 days fully grown sprouts form a large ‘biscuit’
  7. 3 ton of barley sprouts are feed to cattle

Barley Sprouts

‘Aintree’ & ‘Seven hills’

Two neighbouring cattle properties with two distinctively different roles in this unique beef production operation.

Cattle Properties

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