Comiskey Beef

About Us

Father-daughter duo, Joe and Sharon Comiskey, run a successful commercial operation, where they grow and use fodder solutions (barley sprout) as part of their alternative feed-lotting procedures.

The Comiskeys are focused on expanding their barley sprout production process, which they have found to be very successful.

In 2016 Comiskey Beef purchased the first barley fodder unit. This one ton unit served till 2018 when a three-ton unit was commissioned. Together with growing barley sprout Comiskey also grow Callide Rhoades grass with lucerne for green chop feeding. A summer crop of forage and a winter crop of oates or barley.

In 2014 Comiskey’s purchased a bonino grazer, the only unit in Queensland and New South Wales. This machine allows Comiskey to mow, load, carry to the cattle and chop up grass or forage and convoy the product into the feed troughs.

During a year Comiskey’s cattle can be fed a smorgasbord of grass lucerne, oats, barley and variety of forage. Some of the forage is silage wrapped and kept for dry periods to feed our breeders and weaners.

All cattle are fattened for market go to Biggenden meat works where our meat is M.S.A graded.

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