Comiskey Beef

Barley Sprouts

Hydroponically sprouted barley fodder is classed as grass-fed and is one of the most nutritious livestock feeds on the planet.

Barley sprouts...

  • 90% + digestibility leading to rapid weight gain regardless of seasonality
  • Animals fed with fodder in their diet are healthier, happier & calmer
  • Fresh, clean, sprouted barley will bring additional enzymes and phyto-compounds not available in conserved feeds
  • Increases in Omega 3, amino acids, natural hormones in cattle
  • Sprouts in animal diets have proven to increase Omega-3 levels (This applies to meat, milk and eggs). When the animals are healthier the benefits are passed along to us.

Comiskey Beef

The hydroponic methodology allows consistent product regardless of seasonal conditions or need for a large amount of water making it drought-proof.

Cows love the taste, and with padock-to-plate traceability customers love it too.

Barley Growing Process

  1. 750 kg of Barley seeds soaked in water for 2 hrs to soften shell
  2. Water is drained and soft barley seeds are scooped into 190 trays
  3. Trays get placed into racks with automated irrigation and inferred lighting
  4. Seeds sprout with 24hrs
  5. In 3 days sprouts produce a root system
  6. 4 days fully grown sprouts form a large ‘biscuit’
  7. 3 ton of barley sprouts are feed to cattle

Click on the photos to see the view the barley growing process.

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