Comiskey Beef

Grassfed Feedlot

Cattle are fed the same ration 365 days of the year so the meat produced is consistent all year round.

Cattle feed intake of high protein/weight gain ensuing consistency.

Comiskey Beef

Growing Yards

Weaners that are bred and purchased are sourced at approximately 200kgs and grown up to 380kgs on a ration of crushed barley grain, green chop and dry hay or silage. When they have gained to 380kg these weaners then go to the barley grass feed lot.

Barley Feed Lot

  1. Each morning at 6am 150 head of weaners are each fed 17kg of barley sprouted grass
  2. At 12pm the same 150 head of cattle are fed 5kg of green chop (grass & lucerne)
  3. During the day the cattle freely eat approx. 10kg of silage hay per head. From feeding racks in the yards

Go to Market

Cattle go to the market at approx. 420-450kg live weight.

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